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Looking at the programme you might think – Friday? Just another workshop slot…

But you’ll see, it’s going to be a special one! The focus of this workshop session called “crosslinks” is to expose you to other campaigning organisations working for rights and access to health on different levels. What topics are other organisations focussing on? How are those topics linked to UAEM problems? What is their approach to fight for access to health?

There will be two short workshop rounds of 40 min each, so you’ll be able to get in contact with two organisations. Workshop facilitators are asked to give a very short introduction of their organisation and then dig into a certain aspect of their work that might be interesting for UAEM.

List of confirmed workshops for the Crosslinks session:

  • Sophie Bloemen
    (as advisor to DNDi): The Dutch EU presidency, IP and the R&D Convention
    (Commons Network): A Commons Approach: What about TTIP?
  • Dr. med. Christiane Fischer (MEZIS – initiative of incorruptible doctors): Access to Medicines in the North and South
  • Tabitha Ha (Youth Stop Aids): Missing medicines
  • Blanka Kothé  (Medical Students for Choice): The necessity of vs. the access to medicines for safe abortion
  • Yannis Natsis (European Public Health Alliance): The mantra of fast & early access to medicines in Europe & challenges for our advocacy
  • Karl Puchner (German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief Association): Neglected tropical diseases: who and and what is neglected?
  • Dr. phil. Nadja Rakowitz (Association of Democratic Doctors ): The Economisation of the Social: A Critique of the Political Economy of the Healthcare Sector and examples of resistance in Europe
  • Birte Redepenning (MSF Access Campaign): A fair shot – Affordable vaccination for every child.

Story-based Strategy (SBS) sessions (lead by Felicia Perez):

After the workshops there will be a campaigning session with the centre for story-based strategy, which is going to be very inspiring and will be continued on Saturday and Sunday during the workshop sessions.

The Story-based Strategy (SBS) sessions will focus on updating the timeless skills of storytelling and social change strategy for our current context of media-saturation, hyper-branding and 24 hour news cycles. These sessions will combine a wide range of skills and analysis as part of an overall narrative strategy development process for your organization/coalition. Expect to be a part of a multi-media, interactive session that focuses on in-depth analysis of power, story, and memes in the context of grassroots social change work. We will be learning how to use a wide range of strategy tools for applying a narrative analysis of power to our organizing work. In the end participants can expect to have some new tools to help create more holistic social change narratives and design strategies to change the story around your issue.

Introduction to

The Power of Story In Our Everyday Lives


The welcome workshop will introduce participants to the Center for Story-based Strategy and to begin to think narratively and learn about the story-based strategy approach.

Participants will learn how to use key SBS tools such as Framing,  Elements of a Story & Points of Intervention.

Introduction to Story-based Strategy


The 2nd workshop will be a practice with story-based strategy skills to build capacity in your own organization’s work/campaigns and work on crafting effective messages.

Participants will learn to use SBS tools such as Narrative Power Analysis, Battle of the Story & Fairytales.

Campaign Building


The 3rd workshop will be a more in depth practice with SBS tools to help begin to craft an effective story-based strategy for upcoming campaign work.

Participants will learn to use SBS tools such as Vision Drawing, Drama Triangle and Memestorm.

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